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Doctorate in Holistic Education

Doctorate in Holistic Education

Foreign certification.

The PhD in Education program is designed for individuals with a commitment to applying a multidisciplinary view of theory and research. School of Educational Studies (SES) students are as diverse as the programs they design. They are, in general, mature professionals who bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to their studies, as well as a commitment to scholarly endeavors.

SES’s diverse and experienced student body is comprised mainly of education professionals. Study is based on a multidisciplinary view of theory and research, and a commitment to developing educational environments that are just, relevant, and rigorous. Collectively the faculty is knowledgeable and grounded in education as well as sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, law, gender/sexuality studies, politics, religion, and literature.

The SES faculty support students in meeting their goals by:

  • Assisting students in designing their own PhD in Education program
  • Encouraging students to work with faculty to develop programs tailored to their particular backgrounds, interests, and future goals
  • Facilitating the combination of education courses with disciplines outside of education

PhD in Education

Students in the PhD in Education program may choose from the following emphases:

  • Teaching, Learning, and Culture
  • Education Policy, Evaluation, and Reform
  • Higher Education/Student Affairs
  • Special Education (currently not accepting applications)
  • Urban Educational Leadership (cohort program)