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Featured Courses

The McDaniel University holds masters degrees in various fields, all recognized by IAO, AAHEA and USDLA, confer some:

1 Masters in Holistic Education ( Check more details ): Course conducted over 2 years that aims to prepare teachers for the challenges of post-modernity, from a holistic perspective.

2. Master of Public Health:The McDaniel University cares about the issue of public health, particularly in sub developed and developing countries, thus it maintains a program of improvement, with the objetico to train health professionals in a holistic view.

3. Doctorate in Education in Public Health, Anthropology and Theology: High-level courses. Aims to prepare researchers with a holistic view. A course conducted over 3 years with practices and lessons based on research and discussions.

4. Graduation: Theology, Philosophy, Education, History, Arts and others: Courses taken after 4 years of studies and research. Purpose: to prepare professionals from a holistic perspective, with an emphasis on scientific research.



McDaniel University Inc. is incorporated in Orlando I Florida – USA, being an international institution authorized by Florida Department of State pursuant to Resolution no. 18000000785 and accredited by imnumerable institutions.

All the document legalization management of the University is carried out in the country of origin of McDaniel University, and NEVER in the country of destination.